Burg Design is a production company with a strong focus on design. We are a tier 1 original equipment manufacturer for the automobile industry but also manufacture products for a range of business fields in the non-automotive sector. Our production activities are conducted on our two sites in Steyr with 320 employees on a production area of approximately 11,000 m².
In addition to creativity and design, our core skills also include the corresponding production processes with emphasis being placed on one particular factor:
at Burg Design the entire process chain is fully available – from the design stage to the finished product – including the corresponding comprehensive know-how.
This means that design does not begin with the product concerned but in the preliminary stages by scouting and trend insights in a range of different fields. Neither does it end with the suggested designs but rather continues throughout and after the actual design process with the support of the designer concerned through to the production phase and is incorporated in the specific product at the manufacturing plant. The design process merges with the production process to create a single element. This is what makes us truly unique for our customers.

> Further details can be obtained from our company video!